RIS Plus
RIS Plus


Business Analysis

  • Requirement Elicitation. Requirements are not just 'gathered', they don't just lay around for anyone to pick them up. It takes a lot of skill, a lot of discussion, a lot of collaboration, a lot of peeling back the layers to get to the heart of a business capability. We use IIBA terminology in our Business Analysis.
  • Requirement Analysis. Once we have a clear view of the requirements, we take a closer look to see whether there are any inefficiencies that we can address. It often pays to question everything.

Solution Design and Development

  • Solution Approach. In an attempt to minimize custom development, we look at all options; everything is up for debate. The solution may be to change a business process to fit the standard software, or to purchase a 3rd party product to satisfy a need. Our solution approach is always system agnostic.
  • Custom Development. Only when all other means are exhausted do we look at custom development. We use design patterns from the standard product as a template for custom functionality. Custom functionality should integrate seemlessly into the standard product.

The Latest Insights

  • Continuous Upgrades - we can help implement cumulative updates every month, within days of them being released. Depending on your situation, we may even be able to do all of this in a scripted and automated environment
  • Automated Testing - Starting with NAV 2016, the standard product comes with a test suite that can test all standard functionality in a matter of hours. We can include automated testing for all custom functionality, which enables you to guarantee the quality of your entire system.
  • Latest Technologies - Events, Extensions, SQL Azure, Powershell... The amount of new technology and the frequency of new releases is overwhelming even for the most advanced organizations. We can help you make sense of it all


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